We designed the SLBS economic mechanism to provide users with real value, that is not just optimal but also sustainable, using strategies listed below:

SLB$ Coinomics

We never tire of repeating that the priorities of our project will always be simplicity, transparency, and benefit for all participants. In this regard, we tried to make our coinomic as convenient as possible for understanding and participating in its processes

Initial distribution of coins

Everything is simple. Here we are trying to achieve maximum efficiency at the start.
- Liquidity [5%] We all want our coin to be worth something
- IDO/Public sale [11%]
- Development [5%] Development requires funds
- Marketing [10%] We all know that good marketing can do wonders. A good magic wand is not a cheap pleasure
- Team [15%] Developers want to eat ;-)
- Seed Round and Private Sale [12% + 15%] We allow any decent investor to become a part of our ecosystem
- Ecosystem Treasury [23%] We will use storage for rewords, events, and other goodies, and its stable replenishment is part of our economic strategy. More details to be announced
- Advisors [4%] We have launched many projects to order, but we are making our own for the first time, and of course, we want to make it perfect. It's great when someone is nearby to back up and tell you how not to do it

Economic Mechanism

After the launch, the following processes will work, which will directly or indirectly affect the movement of the coin in the network and its value.
- Financial Game 'Test your luck' | Our first product should provide the necessary dynamics at the start and launch the following processes
- Buyback | 6% of the native blockchain coin game pool will be used to redeem coins from exchanges. Of which:
- 2% to increase its value and maintain the treasury
- 4% for replenishment of the FPG
- Burn | 2% of the SLB$ game pool will be burned, removing the coin from circulation, creating a shortage and demand
- Staking | A solution that will allow loyal community members to make good money and which will be provided from the treasury. In the course of the project's development, other processes will be launched, the purpose of which is to maintain the high value of the coin
- Vesting | We will stay here for a long time, and our project has long-term goals. We are not chasing profit, but we want to create a competitive product with a name and vesting - a good indicator of this

Token Information (to be announced)

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