SLBS Ecosystem

Loyalty Program

The SLBS loyalty program will expand along with the community and partner network. It will be a flexible and customizable entity that actively responds to the results of ongoing governance, the development of a partnership program, and integrations with the new Metaverse.
Initially, we will implement two types of loyalty programs on the platform. Classic Loyalty Program and Superb Loyalty Program.

Classic Loyalty Program

The loyalty program's primary goal is to give additional usability to the SLBS coin, allowing users to receive extra profit from holding the coin. At the start, the principle of operation of the Classic Loyalty Program will not be too complicated since it is not the main priority of the platform.
To participate in the Classic Loyalty Program, the user needs to top up their balance for any amount of SLBS coins. Rewards will depend on the weight of a particular balance in relation to the entire pool formed by the Classic Loyalty Program members. The user can use the SLBS coin hold reward on the Classic Loyalty Program account immediately upon receipt. However, to withdraw the main balance, you will need to unlock it and wait three days until the funds are fully unlocked.

Superb Loyalty Program

This type of loyalty program combines the basic logic of Classic LP, but with a few additional features and limitations. To participate in the FPG LP for the required number of allocations, the player needs to activate one of the corresponding levels. Levels are activated using SLBS coins at least 27 days before the next Free Participation Games. To activate a certain level corresponding to 1 place of allocation in the FPG, a user must deposit at least a predetermined amount of SLBS coins on a deposit, which the user can withdraw after the draw.
The prize fund is formed from daily collected bonuses and cryptocurrency draws of the Test Your Luck game. The uniqueness of this loyalty program is that in addition to regular rewards received in the same way as in the Classic Loyalty program, the entire prize pool of the monthly draw will receive only one lucky address of the whole allocation list.

Community Program

The main goal of the community program is to support the development of the platform by users in the form of its further expansion into other networks and integration with products on mutually beneficial terms.
Community program consists of several basic concepts. Community Games, Community Voting, Community Expansion, and a few more will be announced later.

Community Games

This concept consists of regular and varied events, the purpose of which is to create additional interest and usability of the token and involve the community in the platform's development by synchronizing with other ecosystem programs.

Community Voting

This concept aims to create an increased interest in making managerial decisions by members of the community. SLBS coin holders will be able to directly influence the choice of coins, blockchains, and projects with which the platform will be integrated and actively help develop this process within the framework of the Community Expansion concept on mutually beneficial terms.

Community Expansion

This is the concept of expanding the project's community and enriching the Partnership Program participants with users. The main idea is direct and mutually beneficial support by users to develop the project as part of its integration into other blockchains and ecosystems. Partnership Program The Partnership Program is one of the key ideas of the SLBS platform, which aims to expand the reach and influence of SLBS among market participants. Conceptually, this idea represents the development of interest in using the platform’s gaming services by other projects. It integrates into it to conduct their own draws, increasing the turnover and attention to their token.

Partnership Program

Program will consist of three types of integration, basic, special, and extra
Each level involves a particular set of functionality and services provided by the SLBS platform to develop partner projects. Details of participation in the affiliate program will be announced after the launch of the main functionality of the platform.