The SLBS Features

The main features of the project that distinguish it from competitors:


The platform developed by a team of professionals is fully decentralized - we do not have a backend, only web3, and smart contracts with open source


The games functionality is implemented only using smart contracts, without a backend, so there is no hidden logic for calculating winners. Everything is extremely honest


The games contracts stipulates that no one has access to the user's funds in the game (the admin has the right only to take the platform fee)

High chance of winning

The functionality of game winner's selection gives everyone a fair chance to win. 10-20% of the allocation participating in the Daily Draws are always winning

Choosing a coin to participate in the games

You do not need to buy any special coins to participate in the games. It is enough to have a bit native blockchain coin on your account

Reward system for active users

Collectible NFT's as achievements, for completing tasks on the platform

Free Participation Game

Once a month, a free Draw is held for large community members of the platform for participation in which you do not need to buy allocation


Development and launch of games in any EVM compatible blockchains

Community program

Platform coin holders make decisions on the further development of the platform. We are committed to DAO


Metaverse is the future of the development of Internet technologies, including blockchain. We plan to build our project so that its integration into any EVM compatible universe is simple and in demand by users