Introduction to SLBS

Welcome aboard! A few words about SLBS

What is SLBS?
SLBS is a Financial Games Metaverse Multichain Ecosystem
Built by an ambitious start-up of the blockchain development team that aims to create a blockchain financial gaming ecosystem that utilizes Multi-Chain technology and integrates Loyalty program, Community, and unique Partnership program
Our project allows you to build a game bridge between any projects and metaverses - creating the dynamics of the currencies of any project, even if it was not originally intended
We are creating a platform on which users can use the tokens of any project, play various financial games with each other, earn money and have a great time
Our project is like a chain of hot dog kiosks in large parks, stadiums, or shopping centers. To pass by and not buy - it will become impossible

Our vector of development is the absolute decentralization (decentralized hosting) of the platform and the integration of fair game mechanics into the metaverse

Ok, but I have a few questions

What games will be available at the start of the project?

The first game is a 'Test your luck' with exciting conditions for participation and chances of winning. Users can buy allocation for the native blockchain token (MATIC/BNB) and the SLBS platform coin

What is the platform coin for? What functionality does it carry?

Platform coin (SLB$ coin) is a utility and governance token. It will allow its owners to participate in Financial games, Loyalty and Community Programs

What about platform scaling? What are your plans for the introduction of games on other blockchains?

Thanks to well-thought-out logic, fully implemented on smart contracts, the platform can quickly scale to any coin, EVM-compatible blockchain, and Metaverse.

How will other blockchains be selected?

Our platform implies deep interaction between the community and the development team. Having started on Polygon and Binance Smart Chain, as the most promising blockchains, we plan to regularly conduct voting among our community members to select development vectors. Whether it's new games, blockchains, or coins, our players opinions will always be our priority
Last modified 2yr ago